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The Scream

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Gesendet: 15:52 - 05.07.2014

[email protected]

Habe heute eine Mail bekommen aufgrund meiner denke ich Videos welches ich auf YouTube hochgeladen habe mit folgendem Angebot siehe hier:

Hello ,

Our Network Management staffs have recently been monitoring your channel and its growth. We love the quality of videos you are uploading and it fits with our Network genres which include - Gaming,Entertainment,Music and Vlogging.

We would like to offer you a Partnership with our Network, we feel your channel fits the network perfectly. There are so many benefits and advantages of joining a Network, which include high CPM rates, we have our own ad sales team which constantly look for the highest paying ads to display on our partners videos.

What we will do for you

- We will as much as feasible promote your videos and generate revenue including revenue on top of the YouTube revenue by using (parts of) your content. When we do so, we will always mention you in the credits and/or use annotations linking to your channel aimed at building up traffic to your channel and growing your subscriber base. The additional net revenue generated will be displayed as earnings in the Channel Partner Dashboard.

- We will provide you with access to helpful instruction videos and other tips&tricks aimed at the optimizing your channel within YouTube through the Channel Partner Dashboard as well as offer great support via email: [email protected] and via Skype: MusicNationsNetwork.

- We will provide you with access to a large library of great music tracks and sound effects for which the network has paid off all the rights.Vast music library containing over 60.000 tracks and a large number of sound effects.

For more information on why partnering with us is a good idea visit our website -

You can also apply on the same form which is on our website here -

We look forward to hearing from you

Music Nations Network

was meint Ihr dazu kann man der ganze Sache trauen und sich auf der Seite registrieren und ist das ganze auch kostenlos?,oder aber sollte man lieber die Finger davon lassen.




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Gesendet: 18:37 - 05.07.2014

Da ich keine Ahnung habe, was Du für Videos auf Youtube hochgeladen hast, kann ich dazu auch nichts sagen.
The Scream

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Gesendet: 21:02 - 05.07.2014




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- Frage zu attraktivem YouTube Angebot. -

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